-Our New Chapter-

      If you’ve read my earlier posts, you know I’ve made mention of attending a Christian school. This, has made a major difference in my life, spiritually. Being able to go to a school where I am not having to deal with cussing, drinking, or drugs, is such a blessing. But the fact that, unlike public schools all around the world, we are able to say the name Jesus or God without it being seen as something wrong, has to be the best part, and I have taken that for granted many times. But, since Wednesday was the last day of school(11th grade here I come yo), I’m going to share a much different path that we are about to take.
              Though my Christian school has had a HUGE impact on me, we are about to change things up, a lot. My great grandmother has had Alzheimer’s disease for years now, but things are only getting worse. My mother has always said that at any given moment, she would drop everything and help my great grandfather with my grandmother and her needs. The time has slowly come when my grandpa needs help, so my mother is quitting teaching at our school. That posed another obstacle for us to conquer.
           My parents then had to decide if they were going to continue sending us to our Chistian school now that my mom wouldn’t be teaching there. My parents knew that did not want to send us to public schools because of all of the terrible things that go on every day, but my mom knew that she still needed to be a teacher. But maybe, only a teacher to her children.
           After months, and I do mean MONTHS of prayer, my mother and father have decided that*drumroll please* we will be homeschooling next year. Yes, I know all of the rising questions in your mind. “Wait, like, won’t you be antisocial?” Actually no, I’ll be more socialized than what I am now. “But what about your eduuuccaaattiiiiooonnn?!”, to be real honest, colleges are now more apt to accept homeschooled children because they are more socialized than children that attend any other school, AND they tend to have a better education. *drop the mic*.
           Many people have asked me, “Are you excited? Aren’t you going to miss your friends?” And honestly, I am beyond excited. I don’t think I will miss my friends either, because we pretty much all go to the same church, so I’ll see them every week anyway. Besides, I will get make new friends through the homeschool group and co-op we will be going to. For instance: Tonight(Thursday), they had an event where some of the teens from the group got together and had a movie night. I was able to attend, and it was actually a lot of fun.
          Is this all a little scary? Yeah, of course. But I am beyond excited to start this new chapter in our lives. We all know it is exactly what God wants for our family. I know many people are completely against the idea of homeschooling, but there are always going to be people against something you are doing. So, you simply have to roll with it lol.
          Ok, so now that all of that is out, let me say, that if any of you have any helpful tips on homeschooling or transitioning from a plain school to homeschool, PLEASE TELL ME!! Either email me, or leave it in the comments. Anything will help, I’m sure of it lol. Thank you all so much for reading, liking, commenting, and following!! Oh, and also now that school is out, I am hoping to post more regularly. And, I made a Faith and Mustard Instagram account simply for random pictures of my everyday life, and for letting everyone know of new posts:) p.s.- This was acting crazy as I was writing it, and it kept glitching. So I have no clue how this post is going to turn out lol.
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I thank everyone, one more time, for reading, liking, etc.! Have a great night/day! Bye:)
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