-Spring not-so-much-of-a break-

“I went to the beach and got a tan!”

“I went to Tennessee!”

“I went to to pool every day!”

I went to my back yard and planted things!

Last week was our spring break (much needed, must I say). Usually, on spring break we simply are lazy or we do things with friends and family, but this year was a bit different.

For quite some time now, my mother has wanted to have a diet based wholly on organic foods. Realizing the health benefits that come with organic, she has tried her best to buy everything as organic and all natural as possible. So, with her strong desire, she bought packets of organic seeds from Seeds Now.

After we received the seeds in the mail, we planted them inside under a green light until they sprouted. Then the only thing left to do was to transplant them out into the real world, and that’s when the fun came in.

We had this patio in our backyard that was 12×12 concrete blocks. My mother came up with the genius idea to plant our colorful salad garden in there, which meant that we got the wonderful privilege of tearing all of the unneeded squares up. We started that project on the Saturday before spring break, knowing that we would have the whole next week to finish it. We worked for about and hour or so prying up several blocks, and the two wretched layers of different plastics.

On the Monday of spring break, my mother and I spent hours outside picking up blocks, getting up the plastic, and tilling a few sections up BY HAND… Now, that may not seem like a large or tiring task, but when some of the ground was hard red mud, and the other part was sand and then you have to factor in rocks, worms, and satanic roots from the devil himself, it was a long and extremely exasperating job.

*I took this Monday morning after we had done some work, but not much.

After we got all the unnecessary blocks up, we carried the excess 100 of them and made my brother a little basketball court. I can easily say, that was the biggest workout I have ever had in my life :)!! Next, my mother(like an assassin warrior) tore our old swing set in half, and we took the net and poles off of our trampoline. The net fell down years ago, and we knew we could reuse the net around our salad garden to keep my dog, and other animals out. Plus, it’s kinda hard to jump on a trampoline when every time you come down from your trip through the galaxy, you slip on a net.

On Tuesday, my father and brother spent their day in our yard because on Monday they were helping my grandfather, and my mother and I went to a greenhouse to look for organic potting soil. When that failed us, we made a trip to Lowes and got a few gardening essentials. While we were away, my dad used a tractor to clean out our big garden, and back field. When we got back, we continued to till up the future salad garden.

  *you can see the now visible field behind the old rusty lawnmower and tractor, which we will also be getting rid of soon.

On Wednesday, we worked all that afternoon because he knew we had to get the plants in the ground like, right then. Plus, we finished taking down the swing set completely. *sniff sniff, goodbye childhood* We ended up getting all of the things that had to be planted that day, in the ground, and we got our net up to keep little creatures out. 

*If you look behind the trampoline, you can see the main reason the net was put up. My precious/evil/veggie eating pup, Scout.

On Thursday, probably my favorite spring break day, we went to a farm in South Carolina called Whispering Pines with some friends of ours. We got the chance to look at the different goat breeds that we are interested in, and we got to hold baby goats and lambs! You may think you know cute, but I can promise, you have no idea what cute is until you hold baby farm animals.

Friday, for my brother and I, was spent at my grandparent’s house, as was some of Saturday. But once our parents picked us up, we went home and spent the rest of the day outside, again. My parents had planted our sunflowers in the big garden while we were away, but they still had a few more things that needed to be planted. We ended up eating our dinner outside on the picknick table that night, which was a lovely change.

The work that we did last week was hard, yes, but watching the little plants flourish and know that they are as healthy as what they are without chemicals, it makes it all worth it. My only complaint, and my mom will DEFINITELY second this, is the giant garden spiders that appear at night. That part, we could live without lol.

Though our back yard is not yet perfect, it is slowly coming along day by day, and project by project. We will have baby chicks and goats added back there soon;)

*Look at that pretty rainbow Swiss chard

Also, just a random tip that blew our minds. If you have planted radishes this year, and you have to thin them out (which you probably have, or will have to), DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY!! Save the little pieces, wash them, and eat them! It is insane because the little plant tastes just like a full grown radish. They even have that bitter spice to them. Just thought I should add that to blow your minds as well.

If you are wondering, “Who the heck is faith and mustard?” I was previously the account named AbiChic, but I came to realize how little I liked that name and how much I wanted to change. I talked to several of my friends and my mother, and I could get nothing. I was going to use “Living by Faith”, because my middle name is Faith, and I liked the idea of incorporating that, but sadly, that name was taken. I talked to my mother some more, and she suggested my current name, Faith and Mustard. If you are remotely religious, and maybe even if you’re not, you have more than likely heard the term, ‘faith of a mustard seed’. And if you haven’t, you have now.  That was the phrase that sparked the idea in her head. I did not know how I felt about the name at first, but I can’t say that it isn’t growing on me. Its funky, that’s for sure, but hey, funky is good, right? Besides, I REALLY like mustard:)

If you have any tips on organic gardening, funny stories from your personal experiences with gardens, or if you try eating the radish plant, tell me all about it in the comments! Thank you all so much for reading, and being patient with the name change. Have a great day! comie

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