-Christmas Traditions-

     When I started doing my “15 OOTD”, I never expected this whole blogging thing to be that hard. Every single day I was taking pictures of my clothes at each moment that I got the chance to, and I was staying up until almost(if not later than) 11:30 every night. It gave me a new respect for the brave souls that do this for a living. I still want to blog, but the chances of me doing an every day thing again, are slim.

I started that series, so you could say, as a way to get people to look forward to what the next days post would hold. But, I was shocked when I realized that this takes much more work than I had originally planned. I think that since I had, and am still, just starting blogging, I piled my plate a little too high. Plus, it doesn’t help that I knew good and well that there was no way I could stick to something for 15 days straight, but I attempted it anyway.

During this little break of mine, I came up with more ideas for upcoming posts. Right now, I just need to find a schedule for when I will post. I am thinking twice a week, maybe on Tuesdays and Fridays, or possibly even Wednesdays and Sundays. I don’t know yet, but hopefully I will soon.

Okay so now that we are past the super boring part, it’s Christmas in 5 days you guys!! I want to talk about our family traditions, and Christmas favorites. For as long as I can remember, we have had dinners on my moms distant side, my dads distant side, my moms intermediate family, and same with my dad. With my fathers close family, we go to his moms and step fathers and then his dads and step mothers. With my mom, we also have two dinners with our close family. One, we have always had on Christmas Eve night at my great grandparents house, then the next on Christmas night at my moms parents. My great grandmother has Alzheimer’s now, so we can no longer have the one on Christmas Eve at their house because it messes with her, so we now have two at my plain grandparents house. Soooo….. we have 6 Christmas dinners in one week.

With just my family of four, we have our own traditions too. Every year, on Christmas Eve after we get home from our family dinner, we get pajamas, and a game. Some years it was a Wii game, some times a board game, and every now and then we get a movie. We also always read Luke 2(the Christmas story in the Bible). When we wake on Christmas morning, we alternate opening presents. After we are done, we ALWAYS have pancakes with maple syrup, and sausage. I wouldn’t change the way we do things for the world.

My absolute favorite things at this time of year: everything about Christmas Eve tops all but I love candy canes, the trees, lights, the songs, obviously, just the Christmas time feel. I love having break with my mom and brother(plus, this year it means we get to spend more time with our not-so-little puppy, Scout).

If you can not tell, I love Christmas and absolutely everything pertaining to it. I love being so close with my parents and brother at this time. Of course we are family so we get on each others nerves sometimes, but I realize how blessed I am to have my family and all of our traditions.

I know its a cliche thing to say, but really, don’t get so wrapped up in all the gifts and presents that you forget why we even have Christmas in the first place (and yes, pun was much intended). I hope all of you have an amazing week. Don’t forget to have fun, and enjoy the family that you have. Thanks for reading, liking, and commenting Merry Christmas!!!! BYE!

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