-OOTD:  Day 7-

Spanish. One word that took up my entire afternoon. That is why I did not blog yesterday. If you need to know what I wore, I wore a shark sweater. And yes, that means a sweater, with a shark on it.

After studying for my Spanish exam, I decided to go ahead and pick up my outfit that I would wear today. I wanted to look better today than what I did yesterday, considering you would have looked at me and thought that I came from an alley.

My favorite decades fashion is and will and always be the 50’s. The hair, the skirts, the pearls just everything about it was darling. So, I took inspiration from my favorite decade for my outfit today. I put my hair up in a high ponytail, and then put in a bandanna. I wore a striped shirt that my grandmother gave me, a skirt that was my mother’s and shoes that my aunt gave me(I love these red heels because they are so small and classy). The reason that this makes me happy is because I had to pay for none of my outfit:)

*This skirt comes to just bellow my knee, even though it looks long in this picture.  ( pictures are at my great grandparents house this afternoon). Also, look at my random little flower I drew on my hand, its so awkward*

*here is my hair being it’s hairy self*

Well, thanks for reading, liking, and commenting despite me not blogging, and writing very small amounts when I do. Bye! 🙂


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