-OOTD: Day 11-

   Black Friday, the only holiday that can cause division between humans unlike any other. For some reason, Black Friday, no longer even starts on Friday. I personally think that if it’s going to start on Thursday night, then it should be called Black Thursday. I have never been during the rush times of this holiday/event, and I am so grateful for that. I did get the chance to go shopping today with my mom, aunts, and grandmother today. 

   We had to attend the funeral earlier today of a family member that passed away. Because of that, I did not want to just wear jeans. I stayed the night with my grandparents last night, so I didn’t pack 3000 outfits, but I still did not want to look like trash going to a funeral. I packed a skirt and jean jacket to wear with the black shirt that I gushed about in my post yesterday. I only wore my outfit last night for a couple of hours, and I knew that I would not get the shirt dirty. 

   For the funeral, I tucked my shirt into the pencil skirt, and obviously wore the jean jacket. It is super annoying trying to keep this shirt tucked in and not bunched, because it has these huge slits in the side that overlap. The flaps/slits must get confused over which one goes where. After the funeral ended, I changed into the exact same outfit that was in my post yesterday. It wasn’t dirty, I promise:)

As you  can see, this shirt is extremely versatile. Hence why it is my favorite.


*I am soooo sorry for the crappy quality of this picture. It did not look this bad when I was taking it*

Now that Thanksgiving is over, that means it is time for …..(drum-roll please)….. Christmas and all the joys that come with it. The rule at my house is that we don’t do anything even remotely Christmas like, until the day after Thanksgiving. So even as much as I love Thanksgiving, we slightly have a love-hate relationship. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can officially Christmas-out. There is just something about December that I adore. The smells, the lights, the movies, the drinks and candies, everything about it.

Because of my obsession with this season, I will probably talk a lot about it in my upcoming posts. Once my OOTD thing is done, chances are, I will talk about all things Christmas. So buckle up, its going to be a long ride into CHRISTMAS LAND! (I’m sorry that was so dumb lol XD)

I will at least try to make tomorrows post longer. But, thanks everyone for all the likes/comments/follows and for reading even though my posts have been super short! It means the world to me:) BYE!


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