-OOTD: Day 12-

It’s Thanksgiving and I am at my grandparents house, so this post will not long at all. But still, I will not forget my OOTD. With it being Thanksgiving, I wanted to dress in very fall like colors. I had my maroon sweater and brown boots picked out in my head, but when I could not find the belt to go with my sweater, that idea was abandoned.

We all have that one thing, whether it be a dress, shirt, or pair of shoes, that is our go-to. If an outfit isn’t looking just right, just throw your favorite (______) in there, and all is well in the universe. When you put that one thing on, you feel like you can conquer the world. My thing, is a black shirt. It comes up high on my neck, and I ADORE it! So, when I was stumped with my outfit, Bam! Magic black shirt.

I wore skinny jeans(from Rue 21), a comfy stripped blazer(from an unknown place), my black shirt(from T.J. Maxx) and black flats. I needed a pop of color, so I added a necklace from Lia Sophia.

It is actually on my body this time?! Anyway, thanks so much for reading and liking, even though this is super short. Goodbye you guys!


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