-OOTD: Day 13-

I think its safe to say that we have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I totally agree, especially if your breakfast is oatmeal. But wait, not just ordinary oatmeal, dinosaur oatmeal. Yes, that’s right, dino oats. If you have never heard of dinosaur oatmeal, it is brown sugar flavored, but it has eggs in it. Once you put the water in, and heat it up, the eggs dissolve and then there are little dinosaur candies left. Maybe its just me being my childish self, but normal brown sugar oatmeal, does NOT taste as good. 2016-11-23 09.17.31 1.jpg

*you guys need to go get you some of this, it will change you*

Besides my wonderful breakfast, this has been the most uneventful day, ever. Me watching Rory and Dean getting back together, and Lorelai get engaged, is the extent of what I have done today.

We had church tonight, that’s the only reason I even got out of my pajamas. I don’t have a Pinterest perfect life. I didn’t wake up and go for a jog and then drink hot tea. I got up still tired, greasy hair because I hadn’t washed it, and drank coffee while I watched Netflix. But, I would much train for a Netflix marathon, than an actual one.XD

My outfit tonight consisted of a skirt(yet again), sweater, and boots. Both my skirt and sweater came from a thrift store, I do not remember where the boots came from, the necklace is Lia Sophia, and the bracelet came from this great place called my mothers drawer. You should check that last place out sometime. Actually don’t, because if I see you going through here jewelry drawer, I will quite possibly call the cops.

2016-11-23 09.17.33 1.jpg

*I am terribly sorry for the bad camera quality. For some reason, it would not focus.*

Okay everyone, Thanks again for reading and liking my posts. If you want to follow my social media accounts I have attempted to add links below.

Instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/abigailfledford/?hl=en

Twitter:   https://twitter.com/AbigailLedford




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