-OOTD: Day 14-

I don’t know what ran though my head this morning when I got up and picked out my outfit. Maybe something along the lines of , “Hmmmmm, I want to wear the most uncomfortable pair of shoes that I own, to school. OH! Maybe even heels!”, because I have no idea why else I would have done such a treacherous thing.

With it being our last day before out Thanksgiving break, I wanted to dress funky. That way, if the outfit was a flop, everyone would forget about it by Monday. Or, if it ended up working out well, no one would forget me over the five day break. So, I went all out. I did my hair in a way that I have never done before, I wore heels, and a skirt that looks like a comic book with random objects on it. Like, nail polish and Coke, that random. 2016-11-22 05.33.16 1.jpg

*I know my hair isn’t a part of my outfit, but I just really liked it:P

2016-11-22 07.10.35 1.jpg

With a skirt that is a busy as that, I really needed to dull it down some with the shirt. I wore a solid black button up, and rolled up the sleeves, if you couldn’t tell in the pictures above. My heels are only 4 inches, but they have no padding whatsoever, so the balls of my feet now have blisters and were sore all day. Looking back, I would have packed flats also, for when my feet started to hurt. With every step that I took today, I continued to question my decision making skills.

All was well with this outfit until we were walking into the hospital to see one of our friends that had surgery. Of course, right when I had no way to fix it, the zipper on my skirt, busted open as I was trying to re-tuck my skirt in. So there we were, trying to unzip my skirt right at the hospital entrance. Yes I know, sheer class. We tried to get it unstuck for a solid 2 minuets, but with no cooperation from my zipper, I had to untuck my shirt, and tie it in a knot in the front with the edges of it. It still did not fully cover the huge gaping hole in the side of my skirt, but I managed to hide it, I think. Also, by this time, my hair was falling and no amount of bobby pins could suffice. Needless to say, I was a hot mess. But hey, at least I was a hot one. I think Lincoln said, “Whatever you are, be a hot one” Not exactly how that goes? Oh well, my version is way better anyway.

Useless tip for the day: Never trust stairs. They are always up to somethingXD.  I found this funnier than it actually is lol. Anywaaayyy….. Thanks so much for reading and liking. I shall see thee on the morrow with another OOTD. Bye!!


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