-OOTD: Day 15-

I would be lying if I said that I knew I would remember to do this. In reality, I honestly figured I would have already forgotten by today to do the 15 OOTD. Terrible, right? I did not fully realize what it meant when decided to do this. I didn’t think it would be 10 pm before I would actually be able to write about my outfit. So, just so you know, I am determined to do this.

The reasoning behind me not writing until this late, school parties. With it almost Thanksgiving, we like to have parties in some of our classes. We usually have things like chips and dip and a cookie cake or maybe even ice cream if we are feeling real crazy(I know, we sound like complete and total party animals, don’t be jealous). Keep in mind that I am in tenth grade, not kindergarten, so this year, we decided to step it up a notch. Now, we are having like a Thanksgiving meal. My thing to bring was dessert, so cookies it was.

Here is the thing about why this took me so long: I have never made cookies out of a box, ever. Get this, I’ve made French macaroons or macarons, whichever one it is, but I have never made boxed cookies. I stared at the box and read where it said one stick of butter, and one egg, for supposedly three dozen cookies, and it would not register in my head that this could even possibly work. After taking around two hours to make cookies that only baked for 8-10 minuets, and to clean the kitchen, it was then 9:30 and I was already exhausted.

Well, I may need to talk about why I am even writing this post, my outfit. Living in NC, the weather is, for some reason, bipolar. One week it is literally hot enough to be summer, and then the next, it is absolutely freezing. This week it’s, cold, finally, so I wore probably my favorite sweater. Honestly, I more than likely look like Elmo in it. Like I said in my last post, I have a school dress-code, so I wore a short jean skirt and a plaid(ish) type shirt underneath my sweater. To top it all off, I wore my dirty, black Converse that I have had since the sixth grade. A couple of years ago, I used ribbon to made funky shoelaces. If you will look closely in this picture, you will see that not only have the aglets fallen off, the ribbon I used has little Converse all over it. Then, after I made these, I lost the original shoelaces thus being stuck with shoestrings that match nothing that I wear.  

*yes I know, a true tragedy*

My sweater was originally from Hollister, buuut, I got mine at a consignment store. The skirt, I don’t know that part, it’s my moms:). The shirt is from Old Navy, my shoes are from Ross, and the necklace is from Walmart. If you cant tell, we aren’t expensive shoppers, but I think I would rather have it that way than to be extravagant spenders. I personally prefer to shop at thrift and consignment stores because usually, the pieces are older, cheaper, and come from all different places. Chances are, no one that you know is going to have the same thing as what you bought. That way, your style, is yours and no one can ask where you got something, and then be able to go get the same thing.

*My mothers knee length skirt*

Thanks so much for reading! I very much so hope that you enjoyed it. And p.s., we don’t get the nasty looking thrift store things like with fuzzballs and stains, just thought I should clarify XD



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