-15 OOTD-

 What is this? Is she, possibly starting a series of blog posts about what she wears everyday? 

The answer, yes. Is this going to work? probably not. Am I going to forget or not have the opportunity to take a picture of every outfit for the next 15 days? Probably, but where is the fun in not trying something new?

So, if you weren’t able to tell in me going back and forth with myself in the previous paragraph, I will be attempting to start a series of blog posts everyday for the next 15 days of all of my outfits. And yes I mean ALL. Whether it is to go to school, or church or just to go out, every single outfit will be wrote about in a post that I will post at night.

Keep in mind, I have to wear skirts almost everywhere I go. I attend a Christian school, and our dress-code requires us to wear a skirt or dress that is below our knees, and a shirt that has a collar or what they consider a collar. I also wear a skirt or dress to church, so there aren’t many times that I am in jeans. With Thanksgiving coming up, I will defiantly be wearing pants, and I will be able to spice things up a bit. My outfits may begin to seem monotonous from time to time, but I always try to change up my outfits so it will not be the same boring things every day.

I will start this tomorrow, and with each days post, I will change the number on the post title, so it will be like a little countdown. I hope you will enjoy this weird “series”, and any other post that I will do in the future. Again, if there is anything that I can do to make this more interesting and tolerable for you guys, please tell!!

Thanks so much for reading, and may the 15 Outfits Of The Days, begin!!!!!(*insert evil witchy laugh here*).  Oh, and again, sorry for the short post!   BYE!:)



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