Well, I did go to Washington, and wrote about none of it because I’m a terrible person. To sum up the trip, it was not what I expected. We went thinking it would be cold, rainy, and miserable. But, it only rained one day, and only for about 10 minutes. It was always sunny, and the very opposite of miserable.

We stayed at the Red Lion Inn,  hotel, motel, hut, village, who knows. It was actually very nice. Their lobby was so cute and cozy feeling. Our room was clean (besides a random sticky spot on the floor that we kept stepping in and then proceeding to scream, “I STEPPED ON  THE STICKY!”[that was totally irrelevant but oh well]). The elevator was literally the slowest thing in the entire world, so by the end of the week we were taking the steps because it was quicker.

The reason we went, was for a missions trip with our church. The family that we helped start a church, were members of ours. They decided that they needed to start a church in Covington, Washington. Because they are from our church, we knew we should help them get their church started, and invite people to come.

Like I said earlier, we expected rain, so I packed short skirts, dresses and boots. I had one pair of rain boots, and regular combat boots just in case it didn’t rain. Looking back, the rain boots were completely unnecessary, so I honestly only needed one pair of shoes. That may seem like too little to pack for the week away, but we tried to pack light considering it was $25 each if we wanted to check luggage. Me, my mother, and my brother all packed in one bag (we also had our own carry on’s and a personal item).

The best day, by far, was when we went to Seattle. We had a small group of five people. Of course my family, and also two of my friends who wanted to avoid the super touristy places. I voted that we should have had a reality TV show called, “The daytime Adventures of Three Teenage Girls, and the Pre-teen Brother and Mother of One of those Teenage Girls” but that didn’t happen. Even if the first Starbucks, and the gum wall were large tourist attractions, we still had to go. What’s Seattle without Starbucks?

The Pikes Place Market was so amazing. Just simply walking through, book stores, restaurants, fresh  produce stands,  little shops with random trinkets and souvenirs. If you ever get the chance, you have to go. There are people singing on almost every floor, and it is just genuinely the best thing ever.

I know this post is short, but there is not much more I could say, so you will just have to go yourself one day:).  One tip: always pack as if it were going to rain every day. We were informed that the weather is never as good as what it was when we were there.

Washington was great, end of story (yes,  I know this is not a story, but let’s just go with is for today). Bye!!

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