-The most awkward of beginnings-

I think the title for the post is relatively self-explanatory. With bloggers, Youtubers, Instagramers, Twitter-ers(are those even a thing?) they all had an awkward first post, video, or something that gave them their start. I guess they just had to suck it up, stop caring what other people would think, and go for it. I have wanted to start a blog for a while now, but have never been ‘brave’ enough to do it. What would people think if they saw me, a nerdy little 10th grader who dresses weird and has the social skills of a pear, decide, “Oh hey, I think I might try this, knowing more than likely, I am simply writing for myself”?  Well, who cares what people think, I had to start somewhere.

I love writing, a lot, but I am more used to the Wattpad style of writing where you think of a story idea and a few characters and just kinda, roll with it. I will have to adjust to this style of writing, just like you will probably have to with how awkward my first few (cough*hundred*cough) posts are going to be.

I don’t yet know how often I am going to post. Possibly everyday, once or twice a week, or if you are really lucky, maybe even once a year XD. What will I be blogging about? Anything and everything I guess. I LOVE baking, I LOVE traveling, I LOVE fashion, and I LOVE taking pictures of completely odd and random things. I wanted something to combine all of those things into one, so, blogging it is. I do enjoy other things such as drawing, playing with my puppy, laughing with my crazy mother, watching Netflix, yoga(trust me when I say, I am defiantly not like ‘Yoga with Adriene’ or anything fancy like that. I’m lucky if I can even sit Indian style without feeling like I am breaking) singing, and reading, because I am still a teenager and I like teenage girl things, but none of those are ever something I do all the time.

This may seem like a random time to start a blog, and it is. Three days into November, really?  I am doing this because we leave to go to Washington state on Monday, and I would really enjoy documenting things like: what I am packing, why we are going, where in Washington we are going,  and just the trip in general. And I know if I wait any longer, I will no longer have a motivation to start my blog. So, hopefully this random timing will pay off eventually.

-Note to the survivors of that dreadfully painful post, who made it all the way here: Thanks so much for reading! I will try to get better at this, but I am not making any promises lol. If you did like this, please follow, it would mean a lot! Any suggestions on how I could make this less boring and more enjoyable for readers? PLEASE TELL! And yes, I now realize that half of what I rambled on about, was unnecessary, and made no sense, at all, but this will be a learning experience.

Oh and do you get my blog name?? Instead of SHABBY-CHIC, I was funny  and clever and put ABI-CHIC. I’m not judging you, go ahead and laugh, I know you wanna. No? It’s okay,  I think I laughed hard enough for the both of us:/

Again, thanks for reading! Have an amazing day/night/I don’t know any other times, but I wanted to put another dash just to seem professional and formal. Bye!! 😀


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