-Beginning of Baby Camper-

Oh wow has it been a long time since I have posted😱.  To be honest, I lost motivation for doing a blog all together. It was a really busy summer, so that made me forget about the fact that I had a blog. Yes I realize that summer has been over for like 4 months... Continue Reading →


-My Favorite Places in Our Small Town-

If you are like me, you often times bash your own town. “Why is it so small? Why are the only restaurants either Mexican food or pizza? Why do we have so many empty buildings? Why….? Why…. ? Why?” I ask these questions regularly. Every single time that we drive through town I realize what... Continue Reading →

-Our New Chapter-

      If you've read my earlier posts, you know I've made mention of attending a Christian school. This, has made a major difference in my life, spiritually. Being able to go to a school where I am not having to deal with cussing, drinking, or drugs, is such a blessing. But the fact... Continue Reading →

-Christmas Traditions-

     When I started doing my "15 OOTD", I never expected this whole blogging thing to be that hard. Every single day I was taking pictures of my clothes at each moment that I got the chance to, and I was staying up until almost(if not later than) 11:30 every night. It gave me... Continue Reading →

-OOTD:  Day 7-

Spanish. One word that took up my entire afternoon. That is why I did not blog yesterday. If you need to know what I wore, I wore a shark sweater. And yes, that means a sweater, with a shark on it. After studying for my Spanish exam, I decided to go ahead and pick up... Continue Reading →

-OOTD: Day 9-

I sat down yesterday at about 9:00 p.m, stared down at my un-matching pajamas, and realized that I did not have an outfit to blog about. Truth be told, I had on the same pajamas all day. So no, I did not forget to do it, I just had no reason too. Like I said... Continue Reading →

-OOTD: Day 11-

   Black Friday, the only holiday that can cause division between humans unlike any other. For some reason, Black Friday, no longer even starts on Friday. I personally think that if it's going to start on Thursday night, then it should be called Black Thursday. I have never been during the rush times of this... Continue Reading →

-OOTD: Day 12-

It's Thanksgiving and I am at my grandparents house, so this post will not long at all. But still, I will not forget my OOTD. With it being Thanksgiving, I wanted to dress in very fall like colors. I had my maroon sweater and brown boots picked out in my head, but when I could... Continue Reading →

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